Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Such a BIG boy!

Dear Avery,

These past two weeks you have had your paci taken from you, your cast removed  and started potty training. You have done it all with ease. Talk about a proud momma!
I took your paci on sunday the 23rd of March and refused to give it back to you. I tried mailing it off for a surprise but you quickly broke down and left me no choice but to cut it. You cried for two hours straight but fell asleep once I laid down with you. You told everyone that I broke your paci (#truth) even though I didn't cut it in front of you! It broke my heart so muc that daddy decided to tell you that paci's just break once you become a big boy and no longer need them-it didn't work. You quickly reminded us that I broke it.
You did so well at the doctors office having your cast removed that I almost started crying cause I felt like one of us needed too. Once the cast was removed we started potty training. You have done really well and surprised us all. You had a seriously bad stomach virus for two days but we managed. I'm so proud of how well you are taking on being a BIG boy!


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