Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Raining on Sunday

March 16, 2004 we welcomed a precious little girl into our lives. 10 years later, she is the most sensitive, caring, tender hearted little girl you will meet. Its hard to believe ten years have passed. As we woke up on sunday and ate breakfast I told her it was raining 10 years ago on her birth-day as her daddy drove us to the hospital. We celebrated by breakfast at Huddle house-yuck, lunch at home and dinner at Logans with some of her favorite people.

 This past saturday we celebrated with a party! She told me all week that she wouldn't feel ten until she had her party. Her only request was to have several friends over so I decided to do a fun little sewing activity I found on pinterest. The girls had alot of fun, Laynee on the other hand was not into it and requested that I sew her letter on and Wendy ended up putting the rest of the decorations on it. They did turn out cute. This was the first party I did no decorations. I set the table for the girls, and hung some lights and a banner and that was it. We served pizza, chip/dip, ice cream cake and chocolate fudge cake along with lemonade, sweet tea and capri suns. Connor kept asking where all the party was simply and less stressful for me. ;)

 Happy 10th, Laynee!

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