Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Laynee Bug

Laynee at age10

- Loves her daddy.

- Is emotional-a girl thing I'm sure.

- Has started actually looking in the mirror once she is dressed and ready. She kills me in the morning worrying about her hair. I was the same way when I was her age!

- Prefers t-shirts and shorts over dresses any day.

-Wears tennis shoes with almost everything-I have to "let it go" because most of the time it really isn't even worth it. She does have a new found love for boots.

- Loves reading. 

- Is the best big sister to both of her brothers but really babies Avery.

- Is all legs, hence the nickname from her daddy-"legs".

- Loves pizza, chocolate cake, ice cream.

- Eats spaghetti with only noodles, parmesaen cheese and meat, no sauce. yuck!

- Is a tomboy.

- Loves to jump on the trampoline.

- Dislikes riding her bike.

- Loves helping others.

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