Monday, August 19, 2013

Packed full

This weekend was packed full. I took off friday from work and me, Pawpaw Gowers and the kids loaded up and went to The Birmgingham Zoo! It was the perfect overcast, not to hot, cool breeze day! We got there right when they opened and managed to stay until 12ish. Which was perfect timing to grab lunch on the way home and get Avery down for a late nap. (sorry I'm big on naps!) 
The oldest two loved and was excited about seeing everything. Avery was a little scared of a few of the animals, sit very still and quiet on the train ride and was "done" with the carousel. We had a goat try to get it the diaper bag (which was in the bottom of the stroller) so I screamed, scared Avery and he proceeded to try and climb out of the stroller while yelling no, no, no! On into the barn, Connor proceeded to tell Avery that the turkey was going to get him and tickled Avery's neck with his hand and Avery flipped out as soon as the turkey turned around and looked at us! Fun times at the zoo farm! 

Saturday morning I meet some other friends (mostly family-ha!) for a yard sale. I met my goal amount + some and only had 1.5 totes of clothes to take back home. 
Saturday early afternoon we went to Brody's 6th birthday party at Airwalk. The kids loved it! I managed to get one or two pictures-here's one of the birthday boy! 

Saturday afternoon we headed to the local winery for Music and Fireworks! We celebrated Morgan turning 2 also!

Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes

 Right before the wine tasting! Fun times! The band was my favorite so far, the fire works was awesome and it only rained just enough to get us wet and mess up a good hair day! Thank goodness the temp was just right! I could use a weekend after the packed full weekend we had!

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