Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Weekend

This Saturday night we surprised the kids with a trip to our local drive in to see Planes. We borrowed Adam's dads truck and headed out for a late night movie. All of our kids loved Cars so I knew the feeling would be the same for Planes.  This was Avery's first trip to a drive in or movie and he loved it. He loves being outside and also happens to be a people person so it was perfect for him. Laynee was perfect, Connor got ansie toward the end and Avery wanted to talk to every one during the movie or run to the edge of the tail gate and scare us like crazy! All in all it was a successful trip to the drive in. It was the perfect night to go!

 waiting on the movie to start.

Sunday after church and naps we loaded up and went to Shelley's pool. The kids love swimming!

This was by far their favorite thing to do-Jump from daddy's shoulders...this is Avery getting onto of his shoulders and his face says it all-he loved it!

You can tell Daddy is the water parent, I prefer floating.

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