Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day One

Our oldest two started school again on monday. They met their teachers on thursday and could not wait to count down the days, hours and minutes til when they could start! This was a complete shock to me with Connor actually wanting to go to school. Him and school are never on the same page. It's not his favorite thing to do ya know? Laynee on the other hand loves it! She always has. If she is out of school you know there better be a good reason. I hope she continues to love it. So far she is in the same room with Cole and some of her other friends so of course that meant she had the best day!
I took the pictures of the three of them yesterday as well as these outside of just the two of them. I wish I would have taken a picture of them together outside. Apparently not only is six GREAT but being in first grade is too! I love this age with Connor. He gets excited about everything, laughs alot and is just S-I-L-L-Y!
 At the beginning of first grade (age 6) he...
  is Silly.
loves to laugh.
loves brownies.
ask lots of questions.
love to aggravate Avery.
doesn't forget anything.
love his ipod.
says forremember instead of remember (just like Laynee at this age).
hates to brush his teeth.
loves to stay up late and watch TV.
hate chores.
doesn't mind a mess.
is a rule breaker!
is very photogenic.
loves his soft shorts.
hates wearing socks.

So lets talk about how tall Laynee is! Her daddy calls her "legs". It has been her nickname for a couple of years but this year I can really tell why! Holy moly girl quit growing!

At the beginning of fourth grade (age 9) she...
finally take up for herself with her little brothers.
 has begged for her own room for a couple of weeks now.
has turned the closet into "her space". 
likes things neat and tidy.
dislikes wearing dresses.
hates tight clothes (skinny jeans included).
is a rule follower.
love her daddy.
is Avery's favorite sibling.
doesn't mind chores.
prefers taking a shower over a bath.
loves watching movies.
loves animals.
gets her feelings hurt easily.
worries alot for a nine year old.
loves watching discovery channel or anythign about animals.

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