Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life just got more serious.

Our baby turned 2 on friday. Life just got more serious. We made the decision for no more babies the minute we found out we were pregnant with Avery. Three is plenty, trust me! While the feeling on wanting a newborn doesn't always go away I know that 3 is enough for our family and knowing that someone around the corner will always have a newborn baby to cuddle helps with the urge to want a baby. Avery turning 2 and no more babies means alot for me. We are that much closer to no more diapers and wipes! No more baby food or teething too!  I would say no more sleepless nights but for us that isn't the case, he has never been a great sleeper and still wakes up two to three times a night. Although the cry has turned into a holler from his crib of "help me, momma", which usually means he has lost his pacie or needs a sip of juice. Anytime he does sleep through the night, I don't and end up waking up in a panic cause he hasn't hollered for me. HA! I can't wait to find out what sleeping through the night feels like again, lets hope after the 2 year old molars are through we will be that much closer to knowing!

 Anyways, friday I made the decision to celebrate Avery's birthday at Olive Garden since Avery loves anything Italian!We loaded up after work and made or way there, beat the crowd and enjoyed a loud but funny show from Avery. He was fully charged with silly faces, hollering (boys are loud) and plenty of Hey's!

After that we made a quick trip home for cupcakes from Edgar's Bakery before bed!
I'd say he had a pretty good birthday!

Happy birthday to the best baddest two year old I know!

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