Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

It's hard to believe I haven't blogged in 5-6  months!
Avery will be TWO on friday and we just got back from the beach so I decided now might be a good time!

On thursday me and Aunt Becky loaded up two cars full of kids and headed to Orange Beach for the weekend. It was a great trip packed full of memories that I hope none of us forget! We made two stops on the way down and switched out kids at every stop. (except for Avery he was stuck with momma)

We arrived late thursday afternoon and ordered in pizza and then quickly headed out to swim. We came back unpacked and headed to bed.

This was Avery's first beach trip and I couldn't wait to see how he reacted once he touched the sand! His first reaction was to  throw the sand (typical Avery). He was really unsure about it moving out from under his feet but within no time he was loving it! We managed to eat at a couple of yummy places a quick trip to the Gulf Coast Little Zoo that could and a whole lot of swim time! I came home exhausted but wouldn't have traded the memories the we made for nothing!

Avery was unsure of the waves (noise and all) the first day!

This was Connor's second time to the beach and he was fine in the pool or beach, he loved the waves and the sand!

Connor rocking out to the music in his head!

Connor's 2nd trip to the beach-he loved it!

Levi and Cole joined us on this trip as well. Levi had been when he was a baby but this was Cole's first beach trip!
He loved the indoor pool and outdoor pool but DID NOT care for the waves and sand! He kept saying it was trying to take us out to the deep (and where sharks was) and that we might better go to the pool. Levi on the other hand went to the beach almost everytime I did! He loved it-especially the waves!

By far one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip-for those that know Levi its hard to get a big smile out of him but I managed to sneak one!

These two are pretty close which I love!

Chilling on the couch!

Eating at the Shrimp Basket! Yummy!

 All five of them!

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