Monday, August 5, 2013

The boys celebrate age 2 and 6!

I made the decision this year to celebrate the boys birthday parties together again. Connor has already informed me that this isn't happening when he turns 7!
Their birthdays are only 11 days apart so it seems so much easier to just have a split party. That being said this year we had a Mickey Mouse and Spongebob Party.
We did alot of new things such as baking and making the cupcakes (with the help of Marie), borrowing stuff for the decorations/table decor and not doing custom invites.
For the spongebob party I ordered the food labels and cupcake toppers from etsy, printed them myself. The spongebob cupcakes were crabby patties! They were a huge hit with kids and adults!

 I have no idea what a coral bite is so we just stuck it on the pretzel sticks-hey it worked!

 For the mickey mouse party we made mickey head cupcakes with crushed oreos and mini oreos, these were Laynee's favorite! She happens to really like oreos!

 With out Marie's help the crabby patties would have never been made, she completely did those! I managed to sit and stick mini oreos in the mickey cupcakes and cut out the brownies for the crabby patties! It was a crazy day, I'm glad it happened but glad its over too! Til next year-here are a few more pictures of the birthday boys in live action!

 Connor always says or does something to make everyone lol, last year he had to model try on his new jacket in front of everyone. This year he was most excited about the "cash" he received for his birthday! He kept saying I got so much cash! 

Who knows what he was telling me!

 Big hug!

 Avery got alittle shy while everyone was singing Happy Birthday!

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