Tuesday, February 5, 2013

18 Months

Avery at 18 months
you are full of energy.
into everything.
you are not fond of sleep which breaks your old momma's heart.
like to run.
like to play chase.
you are a tad jealous of Connor.
you are a huge fan of Laynee.
your favorite spot is still Laynee's bed.
you hate the quiteness that homework time brings.

you are rowdy.
all boy.
you still love pup pup and your night night but your favorites would have to be your night nights.
you love digging in the trash can
you love sitting on the kitchen table.
your nicknames that we call you so far are oscar (trash-given to you by your da)
boo boo (which is what I call you most of the time), Linus (because of your blanket-given to you by your da)
you still give the "mean look"  which has momma written all over it.
you love all of Connor's hotwheels and trains, you line them up just so and then Connor comes along and crashes them. I see fun times happening between you too, hopefully sooner than later.
you are a perfect mix between a momma's and da's boy,which is just perfect for me and your da!
you love animals but have no idea what "be gentle" means.
you love to climb.

You can say the following words:
Da (your short version of dada which you can say but chose to call daddy just da)
momma (most of the time you yell it at me)
aynee (your version of Laynee and most of the time you are yelling it too)
nack for snack

You can make the following animal noises:
moo for a cow
hiss like a turtle does
woof woof for a dog

Life with three is harder than I ever imagined. I've had more sleepness nights since you rocked our world than I ever did with the Laynee and Connor combined. I'm so glad you are apart of our family but so glad you are our last. We love you boo boo!

*photos taken by Shood photography at age 16.5 months old but captured his personality to a T!

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