Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution(s)

This year I have a list of New Year Resolution(s). Most of which no one else would care to admitt might be one of theirs too!

Here it goes!

* Stay off the computer more and instead playing with my kids more!
* Eat less but enjoy the food more! I find that eating one plate and removing myself from the table works best for me!
* Take more pictures! Practice makes perfect after all!
* Spend more along time with ADAM! (any sitters out there?)
* Get healthy. Me and Adam have both agreed that this is something we should be doing already.
* Try more new recipes. Hello Pinterest I think I love you!
* Save money-spend less. We recently purchase a deep freeze and I plan on stocking it full!
* Spend more time with love ones!

There that wasn't so bad was it?
What about you-what's on YOUR list?


  1. Yours are very realistic. Some of them should be working on as well!! Happy New Year to your beautiful family!

  2. I think these are good, possible, and motivating!