Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year Review

In January, we had our first winter storm and got to play in snow!

In Feb, we decided on using a family name for our 3rd baby (boy or girl)...Avery!

In March, Laynee turned 7...

and announced that would we're having another boy!

In March Connor played T-ball for the first time too! 

In April, we got dressed up for Easter and made a visit to Arkwright Baptist Church...
and then onto Grandma's.

In May we celebrated Mothers Day ...
Connor graduated from K-3
and Wendy got Married!!!

In June we had a baby shower for Sweet Avery!

In July, we welcomed Mason Avery into our world!

In August, Connor turned FOUR!

In Sept., our cousin Cole turned 8 and celebrated with a AU party!

In October, we made our first trip to Tannelhill State Park and trick or treated!
and Avery had his first Halloween as a Corn on the Cob!

November was busy for us...we celebrated Hopie's Birthday...
Amos came from the North Pole to visit...
Avery had his first Thanksgiving... 
and mommy turned 31!

In December, Daddy turned 32...

and Avery had his first Christmas!

It was a great year for us. A year full of fun times, life long changes and many wonderful memories!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

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