Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Avery at 5 Months Old

How is it that you are already 5 months Old?

* At 5 months you are trying really hard to sit up.
* You love to chew on your hands.
* You smile everytime you see your Big Sister, Laynee.
* You love your blankey and your new minky elephant Santa brought you.
* You love to fall asleep in momma and daddy's bed at night with momma. (and then daddy puts you in your bed.)
*Your Big Brother is finally starting to come around and tries to make you laugh out loud often.
* You love pears, apples, peaches and dislikes green beans in a bad way.
* Your still a momma and daddy's boy-You love us both about the same.
* You still don't care for your swing but will sit in it for about 10mins.
* So far you will go to anyone and can carry on a conversation with anyone too!
* You love bathtime!
* You love supper time cause you get to sit in (in your bumbo chair) the middle of the table and look around and eat your baby food! (crazy I know but it works and keeps him entertained all at the same time!)
* You love to watch Sally Mae from the glass doors and want to "get her" bad! (poor kitty)
* You love to squeal and then smile really BIG!
* You are a snuggle bug and I love it!
* You love to "talk" over the TV (or anyone that might be talking).

Boy oh boy how much fun you are! I can't imagine our life with out you! Your momma's Snuggle Bug and WE love you so!

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