Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Gift from Amos

The week before Christmas the kiddos woke up to gifts from Amos waiting for the on them kitchen table! Laynee's first response was "how does he know I love ANIMALS!" Connor was just too tickled to say anything except "Laynee this is my book, not yours."

Amos ended up hanging out in Laynee's dress nearby so he could see them open their presents....

Since I failed to take the clear wrapper off the books, I told them that Amos even attempted to "wrap" their gifts in clear wrapping paper! They thought that was pretty sweet of Amos to do!

What's even sweeter about these little books is that I got them off LTD for half the price that Wal-mart has them for. Check it out here. Santa happened to be bringing the other two! SHH don't tell!

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