Friday, January 6, 2012

Classroom parties!

(Trying to play catch up is hard work-bare with me!)
This year I was able to slip away to attend the kids classroom parties. I try to attend every year but sometimes it just doesn't happen. This year Laynee's classroom parent and teacher requested that we each send in $10.00 for the class party and gifts. Laynee ended up with this adorable Belk's bear from Mrs. Darby, 3 books and some marks and colored pencils. She was so excited to open her presents and was even more excited when she got this bear (she LOVES stuffed animals). I did as a child, now not so much...we just don't have space for them. Anyways, Laynee's class had capri suns, pizza and cookies for their party. It was such a great idea!

Since Laynee's party started at 1 and Connor's at 1:30 I was able to make both!
Connor's class had lots of good snacks and he had made the most adorable gifts for us to decorate the tree with etc. He was so excited to get them home and let me and Adam open them.

Although my plan was to return back to work, Connor had other plans...such as checking him out, returning to work and then leaving shortly after. Little Stinker!

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