Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

This year we started celebrating Christmas on the friday before with my Aunt, Cousin Wendy (and husband Michael), Levi, Cole and Clay. We had "Dawg's Famous Stew" and to many desserts to choose from. The kids couldn't wait to open presents! Avery was just excited that there were even more kids to watch.

While waiting on everyone to arrive we had a visit from Santa on the local fire truck! I told the kids he was making sure of where they lived since they we're on the nice list! They couldn't have been more excited!

(Santa sure did have dirty gloves!)

Avery always has this "shocked" look on his face everytime I use the flash (our living room has terrible lighting).

I tried to finally get a picture of all 5 of the cousins but everytime atleast one of them wasn't looking. I love Avery in this picture. He thought Uncle Clay was a pretty funny guy!

After all the gift opening Laynee and Bec enjoyed a fun game that Laynee got from her.
I love Christmas time. We had a great meal, good desserts and even more fun playing the Wii that we got from Bec for a family gift.

What was even better is that it was a laid back evening!

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