Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always a busy day for us. We have my side 1st at lunch and Adam's side for dinner.

For Christmas at Nannie Cains we had Nannie, Levi, Cole, Pawpaw Gowers and Aunt Judy.
(Connor dying to open presents and the rest of them playing their DS games.)

Avery and Nannie had good conversation while waiting on everyone to arrive...

We had enough food to last for days and it was so good!
After Nannie's we went home for a quick drop off of our presents and to prepare the snacks for Grandma's.

At Grandmas they had a floating flying Nemo...

and our two oldest were amazed by it!

I finally managed to get a picture of uncle Alex and Avery! He loves Alex so much!

Avery was more excited about the wrapping paper than the gifts inside!
We managed to leave at a decent hour and get the kids in bed just in time for Santa to arrive!

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