Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bath Time Fun!

Avery has a thing about hearing the bath water running. He loves bathtime! And don't you dare tell him he's next without meaning it! That boy knows! I made the mistake of trying to put Connor in front of him for bathtime and he wasn't having it. I mentioned the bumbo seat and Laynee ran in the kitchen and grabbed it. The look on his face says it all. He loved being able to sit up in the water. A must on our list is to get a bath tub seat for Avery. He loves the water and loves to splash!

After bathtime with Connor, he stayed put and we ran Laynee's bath. (no pictures-she's alittle to old for bath pictures now.) But he was thrilled to have gotten an "extended stay" in the tub!


  1. Our baby loves the bath too. I think it is her favorite time of day!

  2. such a cute pic in the tub!!! love those cheeks!