Sunday, February 6, 2011

A family name

Yesterday we decided on a name....whether we have a BOY or GIRL. The baby's name will be


It's a family name on Adam's dads side of the family. His uncle James "Jim" Avery has the name, his uncle Avery "Clev" Cleveland, his cousin Jean Avery (female) and his Great Grandfather Robert Avery all shared the same name. We haven't decided on a second name if the baby is a girl but she will be called Avery either way. For a boy name we have decided on Mason Avery. We will call him Mason. It's definiently set in stone! I'm excited to start calling this baby something besides baby or "it". Another similiarity or "family thing" is we (as in our family of 5) will all have a name that starts with an "A"! That was a big deal for Adam not to leave this baby out on the "A" name! Only four more weeks and we will know if we have a BOY or GIRL!!! So from now on I guess I can start referring to baby # 3 as Baby Avery!