Friday, December 2, 2011

Things you may or may not want to know.

* Laynee's "big teeth" come in before the baby teeth come out. So far its happened FOUR times!
* Connor is a whiner. It's worse when he's sick.
* Connor gets bored easily AND I am running out of things for him to do while I do the norm, you know house work, cooking, cleaning etc. (if there is a norm in my life at this point).
*Adam turns 32 tomorrow and I'm still wondering where our twenty's went?
* Avery is the most fun baby! I find myself constantly saying look at him!
* Connor can give some mean looks, he gets that from me.
* Avery prefers for his baby food to be "nooked" in the microwave (for another post but we just started this week).
* Our life is busy.
* Laundry grows on our couch.
* We have something to do every weekend in December. I have negative feels about this. I need relaxing time.
* We have a Pick me up supper atleast once a week, the name has nothing to do with what we actually do which is pick out what we want to eat...anything from cereal to noodles.
* I'm almost finished with christmas shopping.
* Connor doesn't have not one Christmas item to wear. I must find him something.
* Connor currently has pink sheets on his bed. He doesn't mind and at this point neither do I. 
*  Laynee let Nurse Autumn pull her tooth.
* I'm sure once I have time to think about turning 31 I won't like it but so far I haven't had time to think about it. ha!
* Avery usually sleeps through the night, nights that he don't is hard.
* Laynee hates getting her hair washed, thank God we only have to wash it every other night.
* Avery is the average height of a 6 month old. To say he's gonna be tall is a understatement.
* I miss pinning but time doesn't allow for it and neither does work.
* Avery is a snuggle bug.
* Connor is still a momma's boy. I like it that way.
* Avery is both a daddy's boy and momma's boy-yes it's possible.
* I'm suppose to be on a diet....maybe after the holidays.
* I can't believe Avery is already 4 months old.
* Laynee is still a daddy's girl, probably always will be.
* I love my family of five.
Laynee giggling, Connor being Connor and Avery not smiling. I love it!
(This picture has nothing but EVERTHING to do with this post. Funny how that happens!)

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