Monday, December 5, 2011

Our weekend

This little guy is sick. Coughing, sneezing and stuffy nose.

He spent his weekend in different sleeping positions...anywhere that he would sleep we let him.
Note: Daddy's recliner is not a favorite spot of his, it only lasted a few minutes. :(

Connor has finally announced our house is Christmas-y enough. YAY!

Our stockings are hung. Two need to be monagrammed...maybe that will happen next year...

Friday night we went to Bass Pro Shop for our FREE santa picture and ended up purchasing one of the smaller packages. Laynee could pass as a nutcracker as stiff as she looks, Connor is a little scared but still smiling and Avery is wondering why the hell his daddy sat him in this strange mans lap.
Fun times, Santa was not a jolly ole' fellow but nice enough to tell Laynee he knew she had been a good girl and to tell Connor that he was watching him. ;)

We spend the majority of our weekend at home. We managed to miss two birthday parties and alot of other things I had on our never ending to do list. I'm ok with this. Life happens and we're not going to make every party or check off everything our my to do list. Life goes on, sometimes not how we want it to happen but it still goes on.

Here's to Avery getting well cause sleepness nights are for the birds!

Have you had your santa pictures made? How did they turn out?

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