Friday, November 19, 2010

I gotta feeling

Today as we ran to the car for school/work it felt more like winter, it was chilly. I remembered why I should have cranked the car before leaving. I  remembered why I needed to put my jacket on before getting in the car and I remembered why I should check the kids shoes before we get in the car-yes Laynee's shoe was untied (once again).

(the year Connor HATED the snow!-he cried almost the whole time we were out there)

me and the hubs-Christmas at Grandma's!

Me and Laynee Christmas at Nannie Cains!

Laynee Christmas at Grandma's...

I also got that Christmas is right around the corner feeling...have you got that feeling yet? I love Christmas and love getting together with family, eating yummy food and remembering the love ones that are no longer with us and traditions that we use to have together! I gotta know Christmas is right around the corner kinda feeling!

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