Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The facts of Our Life

We don't always eat our veggies.
We don't always cook supper, sometimes it's a whatever you want kinda night.
We don't always get the kids to bed by 8:30.
We don't do bedtime stories every night.
The cats litter box doesn't get cleaned out everynight like it should.
There is often a couch full of clean laundry to be folded.
Connor sometimes stands in our fridge to get the items
that are on the top shelf (on purpose).
Laynee doesn't always enjoy doing homework and neither do we.
Supper is most of the time cooked by Adam.
Dishes are usually put in the dishwasher cleaned up by me.
Adam makes the bed every afternoon, I think it's crazy.
But it's what he likes to do.
The kids toys are usually found in every room
in our house including bathrooms.
Sally Mae likes to be in Connors room every night before bedtime,
I secretly thinks she likes to here him laugh really loud, cause he does.
Laynee doesn't always wear a bow in her hair like I think she should.
I pick Laynee's clothes out the night before and
we still have issues the next morning.
Connor wants to play playdoh every afternoon.
We are on day four of our Thankful Notes and all is going pretty well.
I use to get to work at a quarter to 8 now its more like 8.
Atleast twice a week I have to go back home before going
to work because I forgot something.
We eat Fast Food almost every Thursday night.
I sometimes leave little notes in Laynee's lunch bag, she is so
excited that afternoon just telling Adam.
Laynee would rather sleep in a t shirt than pjs and I'm fine with that.
Connor prefers to sleep in just his pj top.
Connor demands to comb his hair everynight after bath.
Laynee would drink choc. milk or orange juice every meal if we let her.
Laynee is not a morning person, Connor is.
Sally Mae loves to "wake" Laynee up in the mornings and
it's the only thing that makes her smile in the am.
Laynee loves being the only grand daughter on both mine
and Adam's side of the family.
Connor loves being loud in the house.
Adam washes and puts away his own clothes, along with the towels.
Laynee is learning how to put away hers.
Connor often leaves his shoes in the middle of the hall, it irritates me.
Laynee likes to go to bed early. Connor doesn't.
Sally Mae often entertains us at supper.
Our house doesn't get cleaned weekly.
I dislike our neighbors with a passion and its getting worse.
I secretly want a mini van.

No we don't always do the things we should but its our life and that's the way it is at OUR house! :)

That's the facts of our life! (atleast a handful)


  1. very cute! Those thimgs you will always cherish.

  2. Adam needs to give Heath Waldrop some lessons! Ha! Heath usually cooks dinner when he is home but the making of the bed and laundry is not something he does often..

    Your house sounds like mine. No ones is perfect and we would all like to improve but it's the house you make that makes it a home!!

    Great post!