Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Birthday Party and a First

Today we ventured up to one of Daddy's favorite places, The Bowling Alley. Hannah had her Birthday Party there. This was a first for our family, the kids had never been before. Connor loved it (I should have recorded it-just rolling the ball was a thrill to him and then knocking the pins down was all out stomping fit! Laynee finally got the hang of things and enjoyed herself toward the end. (she takes after her momma and wants to win from the start).

Hannah the Birthday Girl.

Connor had a total of THREE accidents that day, two of which was at the bowling alley. Thank goodness Target was right across the road cause I only brought one change of clothes with us. It was really frustrating and really put me in a sour mood the rest of the afternoon. After bowling the kids got goody bags with tokens to play in the arcade. 

Connor used all his tokens on the duck game...every last one of them.

Laynee shared hers with Daddy...and didn't think twice about it.

Connor showing me all the tickets he got from knocking the ducks out! ha!

 All in all the kids had a blast and got free passes to come again, so we defiantley be making a return family trip to the bowling alley. Happy Birthday Hannah!

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  1. We love to go bowling...sometimes it gets chaotic but the girls always have a blast!