Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Laynee's First Eye Exam

Yesterday afternoon we ventured out to see Dr. Hayes for Laynee's first eye exam. I was expecting the worst, cause she can be a tad bit of a drama queen when it comes to doctors. I checked her out around 2:15 and headed to chelsea. She was excited and talked about it the entire way there. What color glasses she was going to get etc. Yes, she thought since she was going she got to pick out a pair of glasses. Pink was her color choice and I quickly explained that color would not match everything IF she had to get glasses. After the first part of the examine was done I was quickly told she had 20/20 vision. (insert me secretly jumping up in down from excitement!) The whole reason the visit even took place was because of a few days of her having "headaches".

Laynee not happy about the wait...
After the visit with Dr. Hayes she realized she wasn't going to get glasses and became a bit more upset and proceeded to walk out with her arms folded, pouty lip and a little whine to go with it! She gave excuses among excuses on why she should get glasses, her whole point being I have glasses, her teacher does and so does two people in her class...she woke up this morning still in up roar about it and proceeded to tell me she couldn't see but a few inches in front of her and she may need to go back for a second visit to Dr. Hayes. I think its a "fashion" thing with her and hopefully this to shall pass.

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