Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Away we go!

We loaded up thursday morning and headed for Tennessee for our first family trip to the mtns! The ride up there was surprisedly good. Laynee rode with Pawpaw B. and Diane, she talked the entire way up there. Connor on the other hand watched Curious George and Thomas the entire way up there. We only stopped twice, once to eat at Crackel Barrell once because we just had to!Laynee couldn't wait to get there and see what the mtns. was all about. We checked into our cabin unpacked and headed out for supper. The first night we didn't do much, but the next morning we got up and rode up to Gatlinburg and walked the town streets, shopped, ate and rode the sky lift...oh what fun (atleast for the kids it was-not so much for me!). Connor and Laynee both loved it.
The next day we went to the farm and feed and petted animals, it was really stinky (like the stink farm we have) but the kids had alot of fun petting zebras, horses, goats and running from the camels who love to sneak up on you! We also hit the small parks for kids too. There was also a car so going on while we there. I managed to get a picture of two cars! All and all our trip was great, the ride home not so much! Click here to see more pictures!

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  1. It looks like you guys had a blast! The pictures are great!