Monday, September 28, 2009

Angels among us?

what did u say? Tonight my dad came to visit and we were talking over supper. I told him that the neighbors had just left from getting our love seat. He said they get all the left overs don't they. That's when I begin to tell him all the stories. The first time was a set of mattresses, we went to the fence and ask if they wanted them, they said sure we need a set bad. The next time was a TV that the picture was turning green/blue, their boys tv just had messed up and they wanted one just to play video games on. The next thing was a washing machine we had sat out front for my brother to come was days later and they ask for her, he finally showed up for it so they never got it. But the next thing was the love seat. I ask them yesterday if they could use a loveseat that it had to go, I rearranged and no longer had room for it, one of their chairs had just broke and they could really use one.

We only do small talk with them, NEVER ask for a cup of sugar etc.My dad made the comment we've always been their for we haven't I said. He said well they needed all these things and you provided them without really noticing. See we had no idea these things were "needed" or even "wanted", we've never stepped foot in their dad made the statement you know their are angels among us...I'm by no means saying were angels but it doesn't take much to realize to some you may just be simply angels without even noticing. Sometimes its the little things that mean so much!


  1. It is amazing how much people can help others and not even notice. Even something as simple as taking time out of the day to say hello means so much! GREAT story!

  2. I think your dad made a statement that you will always remember. You have no idea what you are to people...reminds me of the Bible verse when Jesus told his disciples that when he was naked they clothed, fed, (etc.) him. They said they hadn't done those things for him. He told them that when they do it to the least of them (neighbors) you do it to Him. WOW!!