Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At Two

what am I up to? We'll we (mom and me) got rid of the mohawk (which was a complete accident!). Now my head is shaved completely-I still look adorable! I am becoming very independant. I like to get on the toilet to reach the sink and brush my teeth which 9 times out of ten I fall off. I like to get in the tub with my undies still on (only because we are so excited). I love to go outside and love to get mommies heart racing when I go toward the road non stop! I love to do homework with Laynee and mom must always right my name at the top of the sheet. I smile and always say cdjfalkdjflak. whatever that means...I really love to bug Laynee, she screams the loudest when I bother her so it makes me want to even more. I love to watch Thomas the Train and Curious George. Believe or not I am even more curious at this point than he is. We also love the toilet paper, I needed some the other day and mom told me to go tear off a piece, I brought the whole roll to her which was still on the roll (it was funny stuff, even mom laughed)! My favorite thing to do is pour out bubbles and then say uh oh! (yeah right) I also love to torcher the cat, that is until she comes after me. I am a momma's boy and only want dad when its time to stay up late or go bye bye, he's cool and all but there's nothing like having your mom wrapped around your little finger! I repeat most anything you say so what it! Mother told me I smelt pissy the other day and I ran through the house hollaring it as loud as I could, mother of course didn't think that was funny. She explained that she was mad that I had peed in my pants and it came out, she'll learn someday! We'll that's about it, I guess I'll leave a couple more pictures of who else but ME!

**photos taken by Leah

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