Monday, November 10, 2008

Just alittle frustrated!

So Laynee had her ear tubes taken out last wednesday. For those of you that have been around Laynee, you all know what I am talking about when I say she has a odor...we knew it was coming from her ear but couldn't figure out why? So her ENT, Dr. Wolley decided that he would take the tubes out 1.) they had been there for 3+ years 2.) would help the infection/smell go away. We'll the infection seems to be going away but not the smell...Tomorrow will be 1 week, you would think the smell would have been gone...well we still have it, it takes over our car, our house and everywhere Laynee goes...yes its that BAD! I opt'd not to send her to school last week after the surgery cause she smelled so bad, so she was out wednesday, thursday and friday all because of tubes and a horriable smell! I called the doctor today and spoke with a nurse that 1.) didn't know anything about the whole situation so I found myself repeating myself again and 2.) didn't know what to I ask what was the purpose in YOU (the nurse) calling me back? So now not only does she NOT know what to do she has to call me back, those with children will know what I am talking about when I call I want an answer to what is going on with my child! NOW! So say alittle prayer for the nurse that calls back that I don't use ugly language with her, I am sick of not knowing what is wrong with her ear! AB

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