Monday, November 10, 2008

Babies and Printers don't mix!

So, last night I got Adam to take a look at my printer. A couple of months ago Connor managed to force labels in the printer and when I tried to take them out some got stuck. Now my printer doesn't last night Adam proceeded to take it apart, all to find that we couldn't find the labels or get further enough through all the layers to even get to where the labels are (we think) so while putting the printer back together we manged to un hook some very important wires and now it won't even turn on! Please say alittle prayer that 1.) Santa brings me a new one. 2.) a little elf can come and fix my, nothing was wrong with it before this happened! I am sick to my stomach, cause I print alot of pictures and I have a new Hallmark card creator that I can't even try out! AB

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