Friday, November 14, 2008

Does it ever end?

Connor with his mohawk.
So you all know Laynee has had an ear problem for months that I think we finally have got a hold on, things are looking better! We'll yesterday Connor had alot of poopies....10+(we call that teething diapers) that immediatley means a sore sore he wouldn't even sit down...I know poor baby...We'll I called the doctor again, by now you would think 1.) who my kids are 2.) who I AM 3.) that I don't have patience when it comes to my kids, I need to know what is going on NOW. So of course they call me back...4-5 hours later (shorter I am sure but it seemed like that long) all to tell me Connor has a BAD diaper rash or a yeast infection. So back to the drawing board and back to doctoring again...does it ever end. Please say alittle prayer that he does well for his dad-dee...tonight cause me and Pawpaw Gowers will be shopping!

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