Thursday, January 30, 2014

We got SNOW!

Tuesday we were warned of possible snow flurries but nothing like what we ended up getting-SNOW/ICE! The kids school let out early so I left work to take them to the sitters house and come back to work. As soon as I arrived back to work I was told we were leaving for the day. I headed back to get the kids, headed home to play in the snow and of course take a few pictures! I had been in contact with Adam throughout this time and never once thought he wouldn't make it home until around 4:30 that afternoon I realized he would in fact NOT be home that night. At that point I began to worry if he would have to sleep in the car or if he would be able to find  a warm place to spend the night.

Frozen Snot.

A Happy Girl.

A ill momma kitty.

He made it to the Brookwood Mall exit, got off after sitting for a good while and parked his car in Brookwood Mall parking lot. His supervisor met him there and they made a plan for the night. He finally made it home yesterday morning safe and sound! This was defiantely a snow I will never forget!

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