Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Story-Part I

In 2003, I weighed a whopping 104 and had just found out I was pregnant with Laynee.
From that point on  unknowly to me my weight gain story was beginning.
From the beginning I was petite. All through school I could and would eat anything I wanted and never gained any weight. Being pregnant with Laynee I did the same thing. During that pregnancy I gained 24 lbs, making me 9 months pregnant and weighing in at 128, I felt huge! After Laynee I knew I didn't want to be that "skinny girl" anymore but never knew that weight would become an issue for me. I lost down to a comfortable size for me and remained that weight for maybe a year and then the weight started appearing out of no where. In 2006 we found out we were expecting Connor and that's when the real weight issues started. During this pregnancy I felt the prettiest but was the biggest I had ever been!?! I never lost any of that weight until years later. I was going to Slim Savvy, using money we really didn't need to spend on a "weight loss" doctor, taking diet pills that made me so moody and had lost 15lbs. I was so proud that I had lost that much!I had been told by another doctor (not my ob) that birth control pills also had a role in weight gain so I quit taking them, we were on the fence on if we wanted another baby so it wasn't that big of a deal, we would just "be careful". I was at the stage were I had baby fever but we weren't quite ready for another one (if you ever are). 15lbs down and I was pregnant again. During my pregnancy with Avery I managed to keep my weight down and still have our biggest baby! I had only gained 9lbs the whole pregnancy! After Avery I lost down to where I started and called myself watching what I was eating but really wasn't keeping track. That leaves me where I am now, MY biggest weight, weighing more now than with any of my pregnancy. My energy level is at zero level. I am trying my best to watch what I eat and have now started a slim in 6 workout video. I have been working out a couple days a week and if my 2 year old would actually sleep at night I swear I would already feel better. No weight loss yet but I have lost 1 inch off my waist. Its not much but its a start! Point is you have to START! I hope me blogging about my weight loss will help others see you are not along, alot more people than you think struggles with weight issues, you CAN lose weight AND I hope it holds me accountable! Here's to a new healthier ME! Cheers!
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