Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That Child

*Pre written in July, bare with me as I try to play catch up on the blog. :)

When we found out I was pregnant with our 3rd baby we we're a bundle of emotions. I was on a diet, had success in losing weight and was we'll on my way to gettin' my skinny on. Once the shock was gone we took it like any other pregnancy and started immediately buying gender neutral items, thinking of names and preparing the oldest two for a sibling. Connor was more excited than ever and couldn't keep his hands off my belly. Laynee was alittle unsure and wanted a baby sister so bad she could taste it! A couple weeks later we we're finding out the gender and naming our baby boy! The pregnancy seemed to fly by and with only a few bumps in the road we we're well on our way to baby #3 arrival.

Now that baby #3 is here I now more than anything else find myself saying Look at THAT CHILD! That Child is a mess! That Child is  at it again! That child is more active than Connor! Why who knows? But THAT CHILD has a part of my heart just like the other two and I can't imagine my life with out That Child! He's a mess and constantly being told no. Life is harder, busier and even more tiring since That Child arrived but we are so glad he's part of our life!

THAT CHILD is ONE today and I cannot imagine That Child being anyone else's but ours. No, he wasn't planned but hey two out of three of ours wasn't planned. He keeps everyone one on the edge of their seats because there is no telling what he might be into next.

That Child is..
A nap skipper
A hand full
A heart breaker
A dare devil
A mess
A monster man
A bundle of joy
A silly boy
A climber
A Snuggle Bug
A sometimes daddy sometimes momma's boy

That Child is ours. Happy First Birthday Avery we love you!

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