Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Avery your 9 months old! How? I'm not sure but you are! !

You now have four teeth-two on top (your vampire teeth) and your two bottom front.

You can go from laying down to sitting up in a quick minute

Your now crawling and pulling up onto everything!

We find you sitting like this alot.

You have the cheesiest grin ever!

You sit like this in your crib. Looking out at us (threw the bars) makes us laugh everytime.
You have huge eyes and seem to know how to use them already!

Your favorite spot in our house is Laynee and Connor's room. (or the bathroom)

You rush to the bathroom once you hear the water running and cry if it's not your turn!

You are a daddy's boy and must be in the recliner with Daddy before you will go to sleep.

You love to give sugga sugga and often catch us by surprise with a big slobbery kiss!

You have become very clingy this month and often cry if someone leaves the room.

At your 9 month check up you had an ear infection but they we're able to give you your shots (no fever) but I totally forgot how much you weighed....I know it was 20lbs and a few ounces...

You bit me twice this month both times while I was taking items you weren't suppose to have away from you.

At 9 months you're spoiled rotten, full of surprises and a joy to our little family! Happy 9 months Avery!

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