Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back Up

Let's start with March

The first friday of March I (we) made the decision to have my tubes tied. Although I love babies three is enough for us! I know, I know I'll get baby fever once again and at this point I hope someone very close gets pregnant so I can "borrow" theirs!

Laynee turned EIGHT on the 16th and we celebrated by having her party on St. Patrick's Day which is also Granny Maxine's Birthday! It was a great party with the first girl(s) spend the night party! She talked about it for weeks! Connor on the other hand didn't like sharing his big sister at all.

Avery got his first two teeth right before he turned 8 months! He also got his first ear infection but compared to our other two we are doing great as far as those go! He started saying da-da and is now saying bye bye too! He loves to play peek a boo!

That's about it for March!

BTW did you get your copy of this? I did!

I just started on her book-so far it's awesome!

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