Monday, August 22, 2011

Tooth Fairy Job opening

We're looking for a tooth fairy at our house...yes that's right. We failed and were fired shortly after! Let me explain.

Last week Laynee pulled her second tooth (she's lost 4 but pulled 2 on her own). She debated on waiting til Pawpaw B could see it but at 9 pm decided she wanted the tooth fairy to come that night...I knew it, Adam knew it and somehow the tooth fairy never came. Laynee woke up the next morning in true Laynee form where she didn't want to wear what I had picked out for her so me being the Great tired momma that I am let her choose another out fit, which ran us late... It wasn't until time to walk out the door she ran to check if the tooth fairy had came...panic hit. OH NO I FORGOT...lucky for me the tooth was gone (still hasn't been located) and I had the perfect explanation. If the tooth fairy can't find a tooth they can't leave the $$$$....since then we have looked for the TINY tooth and have not located it. So far she's accepted the fact that no tooth, no $$$$. We're still looking for the tooth and we're now accepting applications for a  NEW TOOTH FAIRY, the old one(s) have been FIRED!!! 

Man being a parent to THREE is hard work! ha! 

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