Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pre K

We got the call on tuesday of last week and was starting our first day of Pre K by thursday. One more doctors visit and a quick phone call to Sue @ Sew Close to Home for a nap mat, book bag and lunch tote and we were set! He couldn't wait and announced that it was no longer Laynee's school, it was Laynee and Connor's school! I could have screamed, cried and jumped up and down but a c section, sore throat and crazy emotions I ended up doing none but was doing all those inside...ha!
I snapped this photo in the car before leaving that morning, we were late (see Tooth Fairy post) and there wasn't much time. I stayed through breakfast and walked him to his class for the first day! He's enjoying taking lunches, which right now is his favorite thing and I'm hoping the whole Pre K thing grows on him. I guess its something to do with Boys but he isn't a "I LOVE SCHOOL" kid. (He did this same thing in K 3 last year.) Laynee was and still is, it must be a girl thing.

Since the first day, Laynee has started walking him to his class. He reminds her not to hold his hand and only walk beside him. I don't think this will last much longer but Big Sister sure is enjoying it for now! Laynee was in Pre K and it helped prepare her for Kindegarden so much. We are so thankful Connor got in and can't wait to see how much he grows this year! I still can't believe he's FOUR and in PRE K! Time flies!

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