Sunday, August 28, 2011

My must haves

Since every baby I've had "new" must haves. I thought I would list a couple of my go to items.
First a pic. of Baby Avery...

First item is the ITZ BEEN Timer. When I first saw it I thought wow why would someone need one of those? We'll the more I looked the more I saw why I needed one. It's been great. With two older kiddos running around, a house to keep going among other everyday life happenings its hard to keep up with how long itz been since we last feed Avery. As you all know sometimes new babies like to eat before its time and this way you'll know how longs itz been since he last ate. This is extremely helpful if you are trying to get them on a schedule. It also has a timer for diaper changes, left and right breast (for breast feeding moms), how long itz been since nap as well as a misc. one. We take it with us everywhere and I would def. recommend getting one of these for a shower gift. I bought my on ebay (of course) and got it for half the price but you can also find them at

Next is the boppy pillow. This is a item that I've used with all three of my kiddos! I love it. We have started using at night with Avery since he has a little cold and he's been sleeping much better.

And last is a basket with handle packed with diapers/wipes/etc. I received this as a gift and was surprised at how much we carry it from room to room with us. Each night it goes to the bedroom with us and every morning I take it to the living room. Its the perfect size and my go to everytime Avery needs a diaper change. I'll def. keep this in mind next time for a shower gift!

That's it for now...

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