Saturday, August 27, 2011

Avery: 4 Weeks old

Sweet Avery,

Tuesday you turned four weeks old. Its hard to believe in a few short weeks I'll return to work and you'll be two months. Slow down time is something that constantly pops in my mind. You are growing so much and are already amazing me and your daddy at the things you can already do. I say all the time you'll skip crawling for sure by the way you act! You are def. no different than your older brother and sister and think that someone must be holding you and talking to you if you are awake. Can you say spoiled? Silence is not a option for you, there must be noise at all times, esp. if you are asleep. Big Brother is getting a kick out of all your toys and insisted that you wanted to play with your tummy mat so we got it out and he had a ball showing you what you were suppose to do.

Our world has forever been changed and we've already forgotten what is was like before having you! We love you lil' guy!

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