Sunday, June 12, 2011

Change of Plans

This weekend we had a change of plans. Avery now has his own room and Laynee/Connor will be sharing a room. Laynee is so excited (not sure why) and Connor only wants to share a room with Avery. I had been thinking about the nights that Avery would be getting up and waking Laynee up and decided it might be best if he had a room by himself for now. Laynee and Connor's room will still be a shade of yellow since both there bedding has yellow in it. Avery's room is blue that be painted Connor's room. His bedding is the brown dots and so far it's growing on me! We have Avery's room all setup and in the next week or two will be putting down laminate flooring in there. I have some adjustments to make to his bumper pads but other than that we only like things for the room. I'm thinking we will still stick with Owl stuff so if you see anything cute let me know! I'll be on the search for anything owl but not over doing it. Right now Connor's stuff is still on the walls until we paint his and Laynee's room and put shelves in there. Here are the half way there pictures of everyone's room! Although there bedding doesn't match it is still doable for now. I'm pretty sure further down the road I will paint the chest of drawers and the toy box (which was mine when I was little).

Bed skirt is missing but we have a khaki one!

Laynee & Connor's room...

picture yellow walls...and the stuff animal corner thing either gone or up higher and spread out more....

more than likely I'm going to paint both of these items... sometime after Avery gets here.
up next is cleaning out closets and giving to hannah home!!

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