Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One on top of another

I spend most of my time wondering why I get so many projects going at one time. I've always done it.

1. Paint shelves-done.
2. Paint mantle-in the works.
3. Put entertainment center in and rearrange the living room-done.
4. Clean living room after everything is in place-yeah I'm working on it.
5. Clean garage.
6. Organize Connor's clothes by size and put in tubs...put tubs in storage shed...working on it.
7. Put the 4-5 loads of laundry that is currently on couch and in chair away...yeah that's never ending...but working on it!
8. Organize Avery's clothes by size...working on it.
9. Pack diaper bag.
10. Pack my bags and Adam's for hospital.
11. Clean back porch off...again.
12. Wipe down kitchen cabinets.
13. Clean hall closets out.
14. Order stuff for Connor's FOURTH birthday party.
and the list could go on and on...

Right now first in line are the ones that we already have the supplies for=NO COST, just time. Next up on the list is getting our mantle painted. As seen here this side of the room is already looking much lighter! I couldn't be more pleased with the way the shelves turned out! We also scored a entertainment center-FREE and put it up Sunday. It's a project I will take on after Avery comes (many weeks after Avery comes). I want to paint it white too! It's in great condition with only a few scratches and when you add FREE to it, it looks even better! We also have more storage space so that means that tub full of movies now has somewhere to go and Connors smaller clothes have somewhere to go too! I'm slowly cleaning the garage out and feel so much better about how everything is turning out.

It's amazing how much I want to do around the house before Avery comes but realizing quick I don't have the energy/time to do them!

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