Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grilling out and roasting marshmellows

Saturday afternoon we invited the Adairs and Wills over to grill out, swim and roast marshmellows. Roasting marshmellows was a first for my two. Laynee loved it and Connor loved watching the marshmellow catch on fire and hearing me say blow it out. He got tickled ever time! We borrowed a lil' swimming pool and had the sprinkler going and the kids didn't stop going until time to go. They had so much fun! It's amazing how something so lil and took so lil' time getting together could be so fun! The adults laughed, talked and had a good time too. We had good food and good conversation which is a great way to end a saturday night!

Laynee and Connor in the kiddie pool...

yes he squirked everyone there!

Sprinkler time!

The two lil' Adams!

Roastin marshmellows...

Eating smores!

more roasting...

Kay kay

Harlie girl!
Thanks for coming ya'll! We must do it again soon!

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