Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

("cabbage patch dimples" and she gets prettier everyday!)

Sunday afternoon the weather was perfect and keeping the kids on the porch was no longer a option so we headed "all the way outside". For a couple of years (3) I've been able to contain Connor on the back porch with him thinking he was outside while all the time he was on the back porch were I could still be inside doing my normal stuff-house cleaning, washing/folding etc. We'll the time has come and he now tells me he wants to go all the way outside! I laugh everytime. So sunday afternoon we went all the way outside and played on the swing set, trampoline and "saw horse" (best purchase to date). Connor still had his pj shirt on and Laynee sleeps in tshirts most of the time so she still had hers on as well. It was that kind of lazy I don't feel good day.

They played for awhile but Connor and me are fighting a cold and not long into he was ready to go inside (so was I). We live close to the road so there is no letting the kiddos play outside with out supervision. I long for the day we move (insert me jumping up in the air) away from the road and away from our crazy neighbors.

(Connor pouting cause he wanted mommy to push him not Laynee. Laynee looking away dodging the camera!)

It was a happy day even though we didn't stay out long, didn't feel great and didn't get all dressed up!

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