Sunday, March 13, 2011

Half way there!

(sick with sinus/allergies, smiling like a chess cat cause hubby is taking is what it is)

at TWENTY weeks I'm are half way through our 3rd pregnancy! I think I've gained a total of 3lbs. But from the looks of my belly it seems like so much more! My butt is slowly disappearing...not sure how weight shift happens but it does when your pregnant.

Baby Avery is quite the little mover and doesn't like for his "area" to be distrubed. Insert-mommy must watch how much she eats at one sitting, must watch how she lays in the bed to sleep and def. how she sits or squats.

We are still debating on the bedding but I think I have it narrowed down on just two but waiting just to make sure I don't "come across" something else.  I'm certain on the wall color: YELLOW. We just have to go pick it out. I'm still not happy with the set up of Laynee and Avery's room so I'm pretty sure next weekend we'll move some stuff around just to see.

So far we've gotten a car seat, boppy pillow, bassinet (that we used with Laynee and Connor), swing and pack n play. We've also started buying diapers, some outfits, pacifers and bottles...I'm enjoying seeing baby things in the house once again and the kiddos are starting to ask alot of questions. #1 question from Connor is when can we get the baby out? Laynee's #1 is will I be able to hold and feed him all by myself? Umm well see...
Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. You are such the cutest pregnant woman. I can't wait to see you and I hope you and Connor get well soon.