Monday, March 7, 2011

Laynee's 7th Birthday Party

Is it just me or when your pregnant and start crying you can't stop it and you usually end up crying more cause you can't stop crying...yeah that was me saturday. We celebrated Laynee's 7th birthday on saturday. We did it early so that we could surprise everyone with the gender of the baby. It was a total diaster so to speak...I cried the entire party (reasons we will not mention) and Laynee got the same look on her face when she bit into the cupcake as friday when she found out it was a boy and not a girl.  She flew through her gifts and didn't care a thing about her clothes. (which she got alot of). I did manage to get a few pictures of us before the party but hardly any during the party. I can't believe she will be SEVEN on the 16th of this month! What a day, what a party!

(Laynee biting into the blue cupcake...see the lip starting to poke out?)

Thanks everyone who managed to make it to the party on the wet and cold saturday afternoon!

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