Monday, March 7, 2011

Houston, we have a problem

Since we live in a 3 bedroom house, Avery must share a room with one of the two kiddos-the decision was easy LAYNEE until the Avery was a boy. Now I am having a hard time deciding on bedding for Avery, wall color etc. The furniture in Laynee's room is all white, so that was a easy decision...the hard decision is matching something to Laynee's bedding OR buying new bedding for Laynee and Baby Avery...the cheapier route would be buy for one only but I cannot make up my mind at all. This is the bedding that I feel in love with a couple of weeks/months back...

and this is Laynee's bedding....I scared about the all white yes but do I love it of course I do! so far this is the only one that is plain enough to "go" with Laynee's bedding...if you have any bedding ideas send them my way I am in desperate need of help!!! Maybe I should just change her bedding and go with a solid???

next problem is the wall color, Laynee's only request so far is NO BLUE on the walls...I was thinking a pail yellow...what do ya think?

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