Friday, July 16, 2010

Second Born

I often say if you were our first born there would not have been another. :)
Your rowdy!
Your a jokester!
You love to laugh and make people laugh. Your daddy often says we will be in parent/teacher conferences alot for being the class clown!

@ 2.5
You have just become afraid of the dark/shadows.
When scared you say "it scared me in my eyes".
You call m & m's m's and boy do you love them!
You love to "swim" and jump in the pool.
You are no longer in diapers but are still have some accidents. It will come you don't seem to care either way.
To get your way you often say "I need you" and it pretty much works everytime. (you use this to get in bed with mommy on daddys side before he comes to bed. You think its funny!)
You are a mommy's boy!
You hair is always a mess which fits you!
Your smile is contagious and we love your more and more each day!

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