Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Born

Your growing right before our eyes. Your becoming a bright little girl with lots of questions and have your opionion about everything (you get that from me). Your about to start first grade and I can remember the day you were born like it just happened. Wondering where the time has gone is no longer the question but how to stop it...your growing up right before our eyes sweet girl!

@ 6

You are a mother hen esp. to Connor.
(You often call him by his full name.)
You are a daddy's girl, he is king in your eyes which melts my heart.
You say for-emember instead of remember and me and your dad get tickled everytime.
You remember things that happen years your granny and pawpaw. I am in awe at how much you do remember about them.
You still have no interest in learning how to ride a bike.
You love to swim.
You love to jump in.
Your new favorite toys are littliest pet shop...your collection is growing!
You know your the only girl on both sides of the grandparents and love it! (you remind them every chance you get)
You have become quite the poutier...and often make pouty faces.
(when you don't get your way)
You have a new favorite color everyday.
You love to read and do well at it.
You miss School and want to know how many days til school starts everyday.
Your favorite "spend the night" place is at Bec's cause you pretty much have it your way.
You want short hair when your hot and long hair on other days.
(we might consider a wig for the long hair days. ha!)
You still don't play with baby dolls or barbie dolls, just stuffed animals...maybe this mean you will be a vet!
You are no longer scared of animals esp. dogs but still don't get along with our cat Thor.

You make us proud to be your parents, Laynee!
We love you!

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  1. We love us some Laynee!!! I SO hope she and G are together for 1st grade!!!