Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Back Porch

I love my back porch-sure it needs alot of work, sure I would love new furniture but still I love it! It's just long, not sure what to do with in the space I have. I recently took down the kids play house and pirate ship (dora) and moved them to the yard, I'm hoping to someday have a set of table and chairs on this side but for now these old chairs will have to do, maybe I'll get around to painting them this year...who knows.

This Welcome sign happens to be my favorite. 

I need some type of cushion for the swing.

We spend alot of afternoons on our back porch. Growing up we spent alot of time on my front porch. Going through scrapbooks over the weekend I found pictures of my Granny and Pawpaw eating watermelon with us on my childhood home front porch. I have such fond memories of spending time on the porch with family and friends! I hope Laynee and Connor grow up and remember the times we spend on our porch!

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